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Emergency Lights Australia

Exit and Emergency Lights Australia is required in all commercial, industrial and architectural environments. This includes schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centers and prisons. Trails of egress must be illuminated by pathway lights and emergency signs. Emergency lights can be illuminated by using incandescent technology or LED. Exit and emergency lighting can be a crucial feature contributing to the inclusive fire safety of a building.

Exit signs must be lightened at all times, even when the building is vacant. Specific cities and areas have supplementary stipulations on the types of emergency lights used in buildings.

Our company was founded on the values of economical and consistent service: we obtain to ensemble our customers with only the highest-quality items, and to tailor our services to each customer’s preferences and needs. AGM Electricals believe in exceeding the minimum requirement of effort in all aspects of our business, and are constantly working to improve our knowledge and effectiveness within our field. Our emergency and exit lighting specialists have the skills and experience necessary to assist you, our customer, keep your installation or restoration on-budget and on-time, as well as serving our customers to make sure they have pleased every aspect of building and fire code law.

Numerous local codes, along with insurance services needs, decree that all industrial, commercial, institutional and certain multifamily residential facilities have apposite exit and emergency lights. We can assist in analysing and selecting the appropriate types, sizes, and locations of these fixtures. Additionally, facility owners are required to inspect these lights monthly and arrange for annual testing by qualified firms. A proprietor’s representative is required to examine, at least monthly, all exit and emergency lights and achieve a 30-second functional test on all battery powered fittings.

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